Basic Bathroom Essentials

Moving out from your parents’ house to live on your own is not easy. In fact, it is the most challenging phase of entering the world of adulthood people wish could skip.

Apart from you need to become independent in most aspect of your life especially in finances, you also need to make sure that your new apartment has complete home essentials to aid you with your everyday life, especially bathroom stuff.

From kitchen utensils to bathroom essentials, purchasing the right and required (not just want) stuff is as crucial as having a place to live.

If you still do not have any idea what bath stuff you need to have before moving out, here is a simple guide to basic bathroom necessities.

Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush is one of the essential toiletries everyone needs. And to keep it clean and away from dust, you need to place it in a safe place like in a toothbrush holder or container.

For a toothbrush holder, you can either opt a one that can be hanged on the wall or a simple container you can put inside your bathroom cabinet.

Just make sure that the design and color will complement your space interior— especially if you are an aesthetic geek.

Bathroom Mat

No one wants to walk out of the shower with their feet wet of water. Aside from it is messy, wet feet is also accident-prone.

To prevent yourself from slipping, put a bathroom mat on your list. If you want a foot-friendly rug, you can choose a soft carpet.

However, this type of bathroom mat is not as durable as those that are not smooth and fluffy.

The design is not that important, just make sure it won’t look awkward if placed on your bathroom floor.

Magazine Rack

Some folks prefer reading while sitting on their bio bidet toilet and doing their thing.

If you are among those people, consider purchasing a magazine rack to put near your lavatory.

And instead of taking your smartphone inside the bathroom, think your toilet time as a short break from checking your newsfeed over and again.

Door Hooks

Usually, you don’t take your clothes off unless you are inside the shower room and about to wet your whole body.

Door hooks are an excellent piece to use as a temporary hanging place for your clothes and towel.

It is cheap and at the same time a space-saver since it won’t take any floor space.


Multipurpose Storage Solution

Storage and organizers have a vital function in the bathroom especially for women who own a lot of beauty products.

This multipurpose storage is perfect to use for towels, skin and bath products, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials that need a safe space.

Just make sure to organize it well and separate cleaning products from beauty and products, or else you might mistake the one from the other.

Whether it is due to financial instability or inability to do complete everyday tasks alone, living independently for the first time won’t undoubtedly be plain and simple.

However, if your new apartment is full of essential home stuff, living every day can be less stressful— eventually.