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Caring for Indoor Plants in the Summer

Caring for Indoor Plants in the Summer

As the seasons change, thus to do your plant’s needs. Indoor plants are affected by outdoor changes.

During this writing, we’re talking regarding all things summer and what you’ll be able to do to stay your plants hot because the temperature rises.

Is there anybody who doesn’t love summer? Long days, heat nights, a time to require it simple. And our houseplants love summer, too.

For the—summer is that the season. it’s the time of year once the conditions are excellent for ample growth.

And though now, adjusting water, lightweight and probably change a plant’s scenery will facilitate them have the simplest summer ever, a bit like you.

However, generally, the summer heat is often a bit overwhelming. It’s constant for your indoor plants.

Even once they are in a cool workplace, your indoor plants will suffer from the negative effects of summer heat and fitness.

The time is currently to urge your houseplants able to handle the warmth and switch into summer plant care mode.

Though some sun-loving plants like succulents and cacti are well-tailored to high temperatures, plants that are unbroken inside don’t seem to be acclimated to the extremes of a summer wave.

This includes your succulents and cacti (unless that is, they’ve been enraptured outdoors onto the construction or terrace for summer).

Leafy tropical is notably liable to injury from heat, and if too severely broken, won’t recover.

Do not worry! There are masses you’ll be able to waste advance of and through the warmth, wave to create positive your indoor plants survive the warmth.

Here are some tips to protect & caring for indoor plants in the summer.

Indoor Plant Care Tips to Help Your Plants Grow at Home

Indoor Plant Care Tips

Protect your indoor plants from Summer rays:

You may not realize about the protection of your indoor plants from stronger summer rays, especially if you aren’t in your home or office during hot parts of the day.

Check the position of your indoor plants on weekly basis and move them to the area where you can protect them from the strong rays during the summer months.

By doing this, you can protect your indoor plants

Promote High Humidity

The temperature of summer weather produced stronger heat rays which decreased humidity and rapid growth which means your plants will need consistent watering.

Make a schedule to provide water to plants. Promote high humidity to protect your plants from summer.

To promote humidity we should create a humid microclimate for plants that will provide humidity to your indoor plants and help to survive them.

Protect your indoor plants from summer stress:

Watch for the signs of summer stress. Check stress problems produced by the summer heat of your plants before permanent damage to your plants.

Some common signs of plant stress due to summer heat are given below.

  • Pale yellow or
  • Brown leaves.
  • Rough brown patches.
  • Leaves dropping.

Fertilize plants in summer:

You can fertilize your indoor plants in spring and summer because summer and spring are the best seasons for fertilizing plants.

But we fertilize our indoor plants only 3-4 times per year. One thing which we should keep in our mind is that we should not fertilize our indoor plants on a hot or dry day.

Keeps plants cool:

During summer keep your indoor plants in the fresh air. Because plants are also like people.

Provide fresh air to the plants by opening your windows during the cooler times of the day. But don’t put them in front of the air conditioner because it can damage plants.

Keeps plants cool

Avoid re-potting Plants in Hot Weather:

Summer season or got weather are not good times to re-pot plants.

Effective plant maintenance needs re-potting rootbound plants when needed, but don’t choose also summer season or got the weather to do for it. This process is stressful, leaves and roots can trim back, or sometimes damaged.

By properly caring for indoor plants during summer, your indoor spaces can be as green as your backyard garden. And provide you a spark of vibrant life for those days when you’re stuck inside.

Follow these indoor plant care tips and your plants will grow quickly and last for a very long time!

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