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How to Protect Your Home Security Camera Systems

How to Protect Your Home Security Camera Systems

Your home security greatly depends on the surveillance system. And its safety depends on you. It sounds weird: tech that is meant to protect you needs protection from you.

However, it’s true. There are many instances of hacking security cameras or damaging them.

We don’t want any of this to happen to you, so we’ve prepared a set of recommendations that will increase the level of protection for your house.

Don’t Save Your Wi-Fi Password

It’s much better to remember the password and input it yourself every time you log in instead of saving it.

This is a convenient approach, but you never know when a piece of tech becomes missing or someone tries to find out the password. 

It’s also recommended to change it often to make sure nobody has access to your network but you.

Switch Off Remote Control When You Don’t Need It

Switch Off Remote Control security camera

Remote control and monitoring are breakthroughs in home security. However, it’s better to switch the functions off when you don’t use them.

Leaving remote monitoring on around the clock will make it vulnerable. Any hacker will be able to break the system and spy on you.

If your system works with an app, you should be able to turn the feature on and off anytime you need.

Update Firmware Regularly

When it comes to home security systems, proper firmware is essential. Don’t click “Remind me later” when you get a notification about an update. You don’t need to do anything, the system updates itself.

Some offer automatic updates, but you should agree to such a feature at your own risk.

Conceal Your Cameras

It’s easy to break a security camera or cover it so you don’t see who the burglar is.

So, place cameras strategically, in places with the widest angle of view and where the camera won’t be obvious.

This will ensure that your home security is active at all times.

Outdoor Cameras
CCTV Security Camera

Make Sure Outdoor Cameras Have a High IP Rating

The Ingress Protection rating is responsible for keeping the camera intact in difficult weather conditions.

Get one with a rating of 66, for example. It will work well even in snow and hail. This will ensure the longevity of the home security camera and its quality.

Get a UPS

Uninterrupted power supplies will provide enough electricity for the system to run even if there’s a power outage.

So, if someone tried to break in, turning the power off beforehand to disarm security, you will still be able to record their activity and call the police.

There are also battery-powered options that don’t require power to run in any circumstances.

However, UPS is still a great investment for the security of your home.

Don’t Go Cheap on Your Surveillance System

Buying cheap systems from suspicious providers won’t provide the necessary level of security. You’ll have mockups instead of properly working tech.

Google for the best providers and choose the most suitable one for your needs and location.

Follow these easy tips, and your home security will improve tenfold.

Unfortunately, there are many bad actors out there trying to compromise it, but you’re not going to become a victim because of old firmware or a weak password.