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How to Repair Damaged Concrete & Which Products to Use

How to Repair Damaged Concrete & Which Products to Use

Most people assume that concrete would stay permanently, and there is hardly any need for concrete repair. However, just like human beings, concrete also requires repairs.

Concrete might get damaged due to water infiltration, corrosion, seismic activity and other types of reasons.

However, whatever the type of damage is for your concrete repair, you can get in touch with Slabtec, who is a professional in this field and would use the best products to repair your concrete structures.

Reasons for Concrete Damage and Solutions

1. Chemical Degradation

One of the common reasons for concrete structures to get damage is due to chemical degradation, which can be due to bacterial action, alkali-aggregate reactions etc.

The main element of concrete repair is by replacing the defective concrete in this case.

2. Corrosion of the reinforcement Steel

Another reason for concrete damage is corrosion of reinforcement steel, which can happen due to carbonation chlorides and stray electrical current.

Concrete Repair for such problems is done through the restoration of structural integrity.

3. Mechanical Attack

Any type of mechanical attack on concrete structures can happen due to overloading movement or earthquake explosions.

Concrete Repair is done by restoring the geometric appearance as well as restoration of durability.

Products for Concrete Repair

Products for Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair is professionally done by Slabtec by using proper tools and equipment. Some of the products used for concrete repair are

a. Reinforcing corrosion protection and binding primer

b. Using repair mortars

c. Using Pore Filler and Leveling Mortar

Summing Up

If you need a concrete repair specialist or concrete repair company, get in touch with Slabtec.