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Many homeowners believe that more is better when it comes to home improvement, especially roof ventilation.

It’s not always true. You can have too little venting, the wrong type, or two different types that don’t work together.

Incorrectly venting your home can cause excessive heat to build up in your attic. This will make your cooling system work harder during the summer months.

A problem with excess humidity can lead to other serious problems, such as mold growth and rotting the roof deck. This can cause damage to your walls and make your house unsafe.

Talk to a professional roofing contractor to ensure your roof is properly ventilated. They can explain the various types of ventilation and help you choose the right type for your home.

Local roofing companies can help you determine the cost and benefits of installing a new or improved venting system for your home.

Passive Ventilation

Passive Ventilation

Passive attic ventilation is a common method of keeping the home cool in asphalt shingles homes.

Passive venting cools down the area by using natural convection, which is the upward movement and heating of air.

A roofing contractor may install fans that make use of wind to increase the pressure differences and cool larger homes or areas that are more difficult to cool.

You can improve the airflow through the attic by placing intake vents at their bottom.

This will allow for cooler air to enter, and hotter air to rise up and be released via ridge vents.

Powered Ventilation

Sometimes, your roofing company may recommend a powered vent system. If your roof’s passive ventilation system is inadequate or your attic is extremely hot, this is a good option.

The outtake vents are surrounded by small motors that pull hot air upwards and outwards.

Understanding the system is crucial to ensure your home has enough intake vents under the roof.

Otherwise, forced air could bypass the vents completely, which would defeat their purpose.

It’s a mistake to combine passive and powered ventilation

Consult a local roofing company if your attic is too hot. A contractor may suggest that you install one or more electric fans on the roof to increase airflow.

If your existing passive system is working well, you may not need a powered system.

Combining two different types of ventilation is a bad idea. They will likely work against each other, rather than solve any problems.

Two types of ventilation can cause damage to your roof. If you have a roofing contractor that has agreed to install additional vents or new ones, this could result in your warranty being voided.

Before signing a contract, make sure you ask questions to ensure the best ventilation system is installed in your home.

You should also get at least one additional quote in case of an emergency.

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Roofing Contractors

Why Insulation Matters When Working With Roofing Contractors

A snow-covered roof is not something you would like to see if you live in colder climates. A snow-covered roof means that winter has set in, no matter how much or how little.

A snow-covered roof can be a good sign that your insulation is working. The snow that is completely melted will melt if heat is escaping from your home through the roof shingles.

Here are some tips for homeowners who contact roofing companies to get work done on their homes.

Heating Your Home is Better Than The Outdoors

It is crucial to insulate your home, but most homeowners don’t give it much thought.

Most homeowners assume their homes are fully protected from the elements by the roof or the exterior structure.

If the insulation is not sufficient, your house may be leaking warm, which could mean that your furnace is trying to heat the outside cold. Many homeowners find that extra insulation can save them money on their energy bills.

The R-value, or insulation value, is the measurement of resistance to airflow. The R-value is the resistance to airflow.

A higher R-value means that your house will be more insulated. There are different R values for different areas so what works in snowy Chicago might not work in sunny Phoenix.

Different Types of Insulation

There are many ways to insulate your home properly. The most common types of insulation are blanket and loose-fill. Blankets are available in rolls or batts.

Insulating sheets are used to create a barrier between your house and the outside elements.

Loose fill can be blown into place or sprayed into it. This is great for corners and other crevices.

These are not the only types of insulation available. Make sure to do your research before you decide which type of insulation is right for your home.

Roofing Companies

Why work with Roofing Companies

Consider increasing the insulation power of your home if you have to replace or repair your roof. Numerous roofing contractors will inspect your attic to ensure it is properly insulated.

Your roofing contractors won’t be able to do any good if it isn’t.

When roofing is completed, roofing companies will know what R-value your area needs and be able to check for weak spots in your insulation. They will also have the right equipment and experience to complete the job properly.

Properly insulating your home will ensure that it is protected against the elements.

You should contact a roofing contractor New Brighton if you hear the wind blowing through your home or if you feel a draft coming from the roof.

They can help you decide if extra protection is necessary. You don’t have to pay more for heating in winter. Make sure you are properly protected.