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Designer Homes and Security – Why Security Screens Are the Best Option

Designer Homes and Security – Why Security Screens Are the Best Option

The fantastic new designer homes coming on the market are some of the most advanced homes ever built, both in terms of design values and technology.

They need advanced security, too.

Most security experts provide a range of options for security alarms, but they all emphasize physical security, too, effective barriers to break-ins, and high-quality security windows and security doors.

The fact is that home security does have a bottom line, and it’s easily defined- Effective barriers to entry.

Best practice security for homes and commercial premises alike is to deal with access issues and ensure adequate protection for these vulnerable areas.

The best, and definitely the most cost-efficient way to ensure this is with high-quality security products.

Security screens explained

Security screens are essentially meshed grills. They’re designed to take very rough treatment; in fact, they’re so tough they’re actually recommended as home protection against storm damage.

They’re really all-around protection, covering the typical weak spots in home security.

They look almost transparent, let in air, and you could be forgiven for thinking they’re like the old wire mesh grills.

They’re not, though. They’re infinitely stronger than the old mesh, and they can prove it.

Modern security mesh is extremely strong and tested against rigorous criteria like US Standards.

To get US Standard accreditation, security screens have to withstand severe impacts, attempts to cut them, leverage tests (jemmying open of doors and windows) and pass all of them.

There are eight separate tests, and they’re not easy to pass. These tests are set at very high levels of difficulty, and inferior products simply can’t pass them.

These very high-quality security products have also become popular among designers, for very practical reasons. They solve a lot of basic problems regarding site structural security.

The security screen doors and window screens are the common sense, no-nonsense approach to dealing with the issues raised by large windows exposed to both weather and the risk of break-ins.

Even very high-quality glass can cause problems.

If it breaks, it’s dangerous. If it allows access to a home, it’s a liability. The security screens cover all eventualities.

Advantages for homeowners

The security screens have another, less obvious benefit in the home:

* Product life: They’re very long-life products, and they can drastically reduce maintenance costs. Some security screen products have warranties of up to 11 years.

If you bear in mind the average costs of basic maintenance of windows and doors over an extended period, that’s good value, in anyone’s language.

* Flexibility: These security products can be matched to any type of design situation, and matched seamlessly with old or new homes.

That’s another reason designers like these screens- They’re a simple solution to a whole range of obvious issues in design.

* Value adding: Good security is a major asset, particularly in new homes. Homebuyers in higher price ranges won’t need to be told the value of a “no work required” home with its security features already built in.

In terms of value for money, security screens are a great deal.

Check out the best deals at Las Vegas Security Screens online, and you’ll soon find, that you can give your designer home a single security treatment that will solve any issues easily and quickly.

Let’s talk about Security Screen Doors Basics – Design and Safety, a Great Mix

Security Screen Doors Basics

Security screen doors have come a long way from the old “fly wire” screen doors with metal frames.

The new ones are a different type of technology, and they’re also very much a new concept in design.

These are ultra-tough, but they’re also designed to look great.

New technology has created extremely high resistance screens which can take a direct hit from a sledgehammer, and provide the sort of protection you want, and give your home the look you want it to have.

The essentials

There are a lot of good reasons why security screen doors are so popular:

* Design: Modern security screens are very designer-friendly. One of the reasons they’re replacing the old-style security is simply because they can go with any type of door.

These extremely fine mesh screens aren’t quite invisible, but they might as well be.

They’re barely noticeable when installed, and don’t affect the visual character of your home design.

* Light: The new security screens let in a lot of light, and they’re very design-friendly, particularly for the newer modern homes which have a lot of window space, so they don’t interfere with natural lighting.

* Versatility: Security screens can be fitted into any design situation. These screens can be adapted to any sort of door, from the ultra-modern sliding screen on the latest new homes to the old-style looks of woo or the “cottage” white steel.

The Security Angle

If you have a security consultant checking out your premises, you’ll find that if you ask about security, you’ll be told to get security screens in preference to the old-style “fortress” doors.

That’s because the new ones are much more reliable in terms of preventing break-ins.

Conventional ones may be big and solid, but they’re simply not designed to deal with the methods used in break-ins, which can include attacks on the frame, use of heavy tools, and jemmying apart components.

A modern security door is almost literally impossible to break down.

The average can deal with determined attempts to break in, and the doors themselves are designed to be impossible to separate from their frames.

These are tested under United States Standards requirements, and to get a certification of matching the US Standards isn’t easy.

Budget Issues

There’s another side to this type of security that often doesn’t get considered. The price of a security door, over time, is actually a lot cheaper than that of a conventional one.

These extremely tough players are built to last for decades, and if you’ve ever had to replace or repair a conventional one, you’ll remember the sort of costs involved.

The security doors are of excellent value in this regard, being extremely low maintenance and largely immune to damage.

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