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4 Electrical Issues That Can’t Wait Until Morning

4 Electrical Issues That Can’t Wait Until Morning

Electrical problems can happen at any time, especially for homes older than 20 years old. Depending on the severity, they can cause slight discomfort and inconveniences.

Some can even lead to property damage and accidents. Or worse, death.

So while it is common to experience trouble with your electrical system, it’s also important to know which problems can wait and which ones require a more urgent response.

As your guide, here are four electrical issues that can’t wait until morning and signs that you need to call a 24-hour electrician.

1. Burning Smell

Burning Smell home

Notice a burning smell in your home? If yes, quickly turn off the power in the area where the smell is coming from and call a 24-hour electrician near you.

A burning smell, specifically that of burnt plastic, is a serious problem that requires urgent action.

This is a sign of damaged wires and if not dealt with immediately, can result in an electrical fire.

Similarly, if there are burning smells whenever you switch on your lights or appliances, it’s time to call an electrician. This can be an indication of overheating, which can also lead to a fire.

2. Buzzing, Humming, or Zapping Sound

Another sign that you’re in a dangerous situation is a buzzing, humming, or zapping sound.

If you hear such sounds when you turn on a switch or plug in an appliance, you may be experiencing issues with your wiring or circuit.

So to avoid expensive damages to your home or appliances, best call a licensed electrician immediately.

A loud humming from your breaker box is also an indication of a faulty breaker, which may fail to trip or have poor wiring. Either way, a faulty breaker can result in many electrical failures in your home.

So if you hear such a sound coming from your breaker box, don’t let it wait until morning and contact an expert as soon as possible.

3. Sparks

sparks at home

It is normal to see small sparks whenever you connect appliances to an outlet. However, large sparks that last more than a second are not.

Such abnormal sparks can be a sign of an overloaded outlet, faulty wiring, or the outlet is improperly installed – all of which puts you and your family at risk.

4. Smoke

If you see smoke or wisp of it from an outlet or from an appliance you have just plugged in, contact a trusted 24-hour electrician in your area immediately.

A smoking outlet can be due to an overload, wiring has short out, use of substandard parts, or poor electrical job.

It can also be caused by loose plug connections or the presence of dust or dirt in an outlet. In any case, a smoking outlet is a serious issue that can lead to a fire.

If, however, there’s a lot of smoke or your outlet is already burning and on fire, call fire and rescue instead. Grab your family and pets, and put them to safety.

When it’s safe and you get the okay to enter your home, you may contact an emergency electrician to determine what caused the fire and apply the needed fixes.

Damaged outlets and wiring will be replaced and necessary solutions will be applied to prevent the same incident from happening again in the future.

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