Brighten Up Your Home Space
Brighten Up Your Home Space

The majority of homeowners desire to create a lively, welcoming environment.

With open-plan living being a common interior design trend, it appears that we’re open to anything that can brighten our surroundings.

We’re redefining conventional notions of luxury living by moving away from traditional home designs and instead adopting open, wider floor plans.

If your home isn’t already open-plan or has a lack of natural light, there are a variety of specific changes, improvements, and alterations you can make to improve the brightness.

Your home can be fully transformed if you get imaginative and think beyond the box.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy a new home with vivid design features, then there are quirky décor strategies to add, all of which will help to continue the fresh theme in your house.

Tips to Brighten Up Your Home Space

Light-colored furniture:

White furniture, rather than dark colors or rich woods, will brighten up your house.

Cream sofas, white chairs, beige cupboards, neutral rugs, and other similar items will all help to brighten up your room.

This will keep you from feeling hemmed in and allow you to perceive more space.

This continuity would also improve the functionality of open-plan designs by preventing spaces that are otherwise unrestricted from becoming distinct and separate.

Go wild with mirrors:

Hanging mirrors all over your house might feel a little egotistical. Their main function is to bounce light around the room.

They’ll also reflect any light that enters the room, particularly if they’re positioned opposite light sources like windows.

Because of how much it reflects, even rooms with little natural light will feel brighter overall, bringing an unbeatable touch of brightness to even the darkest corners.

Keep it clean:

It will feel instantly brighter if your home design is simple, with straight lines and reflective surfaces.

Avoid clutter, which can easily make a room feel claustrophobic; excessive décor can disrupt the flow of natural light, resulting in unnecessary shadows and, in the end, an unappealing aesthetic.

Minimize your window coverings:

Many of the light you want to get into your home can be trapped by window coverings.

Light-colored, lightweight curtains hanging high, on the other hand, will make your windows feel open and airy.

Consider switching out your heavy or dark curtains on a seasonal basis if you normally have them up.

This relatively simple change will make your home feel refreshed and prepared for the upcoming summer months.

Decorate with plants:

Spring is a time for fresh beginnings. You want to get some of the newnesses of spring into your home by making it feel brighter.

Plants bring a sense of life to any room. A simple orchid on the dining table or a small tree in the corner can be enough to energies and liven up a room.

By including a lot of plants in your decor, you’ll be able to give your home a new lease on life. It’s amazing how much a little greenery can do to brighten up space.

Whether it’s monsters, birds of paradise, dracaena, or fiddle leaf figs, go to the greenhouse and bring home tall, bold plants that you can use all over your house.

Choose a basic wall color:

Painting your walls white can seem a little dull in the face of the literally millions of paint colors available.

But here’s the thing: there’s no better color to lighten and brighten a home than white.

While other coolers can make your home feel more closed off, switching to white paint or simply freshening up existing white walls with new coats immediately makes your home feel light, airy, and welcoming.

Invest in some metals:

Adding metals to your house, whether gold, silver, copper, or rose gold, works in the same way that mirrors do.

Instead of darkening and dingyening your room, as some materials can, they bounce light and add brightness.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a little shine can make, whether it’s with some statement furniture, wall décor, plant pots, or vases.

Get creative with the lighting:

Use several light sources in each room so that you can always add a little more light, no matter how much or how little natural light comes in from the outside.

Instead of taking the traditional path, combine the best of both worlds by incorporating an ultrasonic diffuser into your home that also emits a soothing glow.

With the touch of a finger, you can switch on and off the LED light feature on this glass version. It also purifies the air when dispensing stress-relieving essential oil blends.

Re-accessorize your couch:

To give your home a lighter look and sound, you don’t need to make any major changes.

Instead, go to your local home improvement store and stock up on a new collection of throw pillows and blankets for your couch or bed.

To make your space shine, ditch the dark colors and go for lighter neutrals with metallic accents. 

Clean your windows:

You’re not alone if you can’t recall the last time you washed your windows.

Giving them a good scrub both inside and out will make a huge difference in the amount of light that can shine through.

Instead of being blocked by dirt and grime, those rays will be crystal clear and able to brighten up your house.

Consider Wood Flooring:

Lighter stains are perfect for masking scratches (which are inconveniently captured by the sun!).

Light wood flooring is a fantastic way to create extra light, while lighter stains are ideal for masking scratches (which are inconveniently caught by the light!).

Wood panels’ parallel lines will make your room appear larger, while a wax finish will reflect any light already present.

Don’t overdo it with wall art:

A common mistake between new designers is trying to do too much. This is particularly true when it comes to decorative accessories like art.

Even if you live in a mansion, if a space lacks sufficient lighting, the walls should be as bare as possible to allow all of the light to be reflected.

A single large dark piece of wall art or a series of photographs may sabotage your attempts to brighten the space.