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How To Get Better Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep


Take A Cold Shower Before Bed

Shower Before Bed

Taking a shower before bed is great as it helps in cooling down your body. A good technique to try is taking a cold shower and intermittently putting the water on hot.

The technique is great for blood flow, which is a good way to get restorative sleep.

Your blood vessels open up when the body is exposed to a hot shower, which then makes it better for the cold water to be effective in giving your body the relaxation it needs.

The cycle of cold and hot water should be 10 seconds of hot water, followed by 20 of cold water. Repeat this for about 10 minutes, ending with the cold water cycle.

The routine is not an easy one to adapt to, but once your body gets used to it, you will be having good sleep.

Don’t Take Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol does induce sleep but will not help with good and restful sleep. You may find yourself having to wake up too many times to go to the bathroom, which means that you will have disruptive sleep.

Do Some Exercises

Do Some Exercises

Exercise is a good way to make the body feel tired so that you will be able to get good rest after falling asleep. The body’s circadian rhythm works better when you exercise in the afternoon.

It is advisable not to exercise at least two hours before bed as you may get restless sleep. Try exercising during the morning hours and see if your sleep will improve.

Get Sun Exposure Daily

Try to get at least an hour of sunlight every day, mostly in the afternoon and mid-morning. It is good for the body’s circadian rhythm and also helps with Vitamin D.



Instead of worrying about why you cannot fall asleep or why you have restless sleep, try some practices to de-stress and get your body to relax.

Your body will not fall asleep if you force your mind to do that. Instead, you may get even more stressed.

The best way to get quality sleep is to try meditation or drink calming herbal tea. Avoid getting your brain overstimulated at least two hours before you go to bed.

Do not make bedtime the time for reading your emails or making plans as this could make you get restless and stressed.

If you cannot fall asleep, get out of bed and do something boring until you feel tired and sleepy.

Get Comfortable

Get Comfortable

Your bedroom should calm comfortable and dark. Your mattress should be supportive, if you are trying to sleep on an old mattress you may not be getting restful sleep.

Read about Purple mattresses in these customer reviews. Blackout blinds will help to keep your bedroom dark.

You can also invest in a sleep mask.