Home Ideas Choosing the Perfect Dining Table Shape for Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table Shape for Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table Shape for Your Home

Did you know the shape of your dining room table affects how well it functions in your dining space?

From the shape of your dining room itself to the size of the group you typically cater to, there are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect dining room table shape.

Which one is right for you?

Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular Dining Tables

The most common shape, rectangular tables are very functional simply because most dining rooms are rectangular themselves.

Rectangular Dining tables are your best choice for seating larger groups (more than four) and typically come with an extra leaf for added versatility when catering to these guests.

Aim for tables 36-42 inches wide. Tables that are any narrower than 36 inches may make it difficult to fit place settings on both sides in additi犀利士
on to food.

Square Dining Table

Square Dining Table

Square-shaped rooms work well with square dining tables and are ideal for families that don’t serve large groups regularly.

In addition, square tables offer a more intimate feel than their rectangular counterparts.

For the occasional holiday event, opt for a table with leaves to temporarily add to your seating space, or slide two square tables together.

Like a round table, the larger a square table is, the harder it can be to reach food. If you regularly seat more than eight, consider a square table with leaves that can be turned into a rectangle when necessary.

Round Wooden Dining Table

Round Wooden Dining Table

Round tables offer another solution for small spaces and square-shaped rooms. They are also a great choice for small gatherings, providing a cozy, intimate setting.

There are no sharp corners, and it is easier to squeeze in an extra person when needed without corners coming into play. You can also provide extra seating with a leaf.

Though most dining rooms are not large enough to accommodate very large, round tables, it is still advisable to avoid them.

A round table is not a good choice for large gatherings as they make food difficult to reach, and hamper conversation due to the need for guests to shout across the table to be heard.

Oval Shape Dining Table

Oval Shape Dining Table

Though visually they seem to occupy less space than rectangular tables, oval tables are very similar to rectangular tables in attributes.

Keep these additional tips in mind when selecting a dining room table:

Avoid overcrowding.

The table manufacturer typically lists the recommended number of people that can be seated comfortably. Aim for 2 feet of eating space per person for normal use.

It’s okay to squeeze in guests for the occasional gathering, but it’s not good for claustrophobia at the table to be a regular occurrence.

Don’t box in your guests.

When selecting the size of your table, be certain you will have enough room to comfortably walk around it.

To ensure the comfort of your guests when getting into and out of their seats, 42-48 inches between the table and the wall or furniture is best.

Consider your tables legs and yours

Consider your table’s legs – and yours.

Tables with a pedestal base, most commonly seen in round tables, allow for more flexibility in seating by eliminating legs that can block the path of a chair.

To save space, opt for bench seating.

It can be pushed away, completely under the table, when not in use.

Don’t get swept up by showroom looks alone. The most important factor in selecting the perfect dining room table is the nightly comfort and happiness of you and your family.

Your dining room table will be with you for years to come, so be certain to choose one that will meet your needs over the long haul.